How OIM Works

Optimal Inventory Management (OIM) brings supply chain expertise to managing your product supply, without adding staff or significant expense.
How Oim WorksHow? By combining two proven capabilities: BINs® and our expertise in bulk logistics. BINs® is a patented inventory network system that constantly monitors chosen silos and securely transmits data over the Internet to Bulk Connection’s central dispatch. There, our experts use your requirements to proactively and intelligently track and analyze all necessary data with a SCADA-based system.
This intelligence is utilized to forecast accurate usage rates and place timely orders on behalf of your plant to seamlessly replenish stock or remove byproducts through preferred vendors. Your team can also view whatever data they choose.

A few details:

  • Eyes in the silos–Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) are connected to your existing silo measurement systems
  • Basic tracking of information such as tank levels, transfers, shipping, receiving and blending is put into place
  • The SCADA-based program at the central terminal polls the RTUs based on algorithms specific to your requirements
    • Examples include location and amount of products available for consumption or manufacturing use; including exchanged, comingled and consigned stock
  • Data is analyzed and evaluated against norms to know whether supply or byproduct levels extend below or above established ranges
    • Custom alarm setting and/or automatic call-outs
    • Trending calculations
    • Load projections
  • When needed, proper action is taken: proactive, automatic communication with preferred carrier and supplier to ensure appropriate delivery and removal
    • Intra-depot or internal; inbound, and outbound

OIM has provided optimal inventory management for over a decade at a multitude of manufacturing sites and storage vessels over a wide geographic area.

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