Bulk Connection founder, Jim Cordock, began as an operations manager at a major tank truck carrier, Matlack Systems, where he created efficient freight runs for bulk shipments. He quickly recognized an opportunity to do the same thing, but on a much larger and more efficient scale, as a freight broker specializing in bulk transport.

To capitalize on the opportunity, Jim partnered with his boyhood friend, Michael Wilson, who also worked for Matlack. In 1987, Jim and Michael started Bulk Connection with the goal of providing fast, reliable and cost-efficient capacity for bulk freight, with a focus on liquid bulk products.

In 1991, many of our bulk freight customers asked us to handle their van and LTL shipments, as well. Over time, our dry van and flatbed bookings expanded and became the fastest growing part of our business.

Today, we continue to serve a large group of bulk shippers, but have evolved to become a full-service freight broker for all over-to-road trucking needs.

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