Traffic interruptions can have a devastating impact on your business. So it’s critical to have a freight broker partner whose capacity is not limited by fleet size. With our North American carrier network, Bulk Connection is considered the industry’s best source for emergency freight solutions to prevent supply chain disruptions. We have answered the call during rail and barge interruptions, labor disputes, floods and other weather disasters.



  • Emergency freight shipping experience. We’re there when you need us most.
    • When water to a zipper factory stopped flowing, we supplied water in tank trucks to prevent a shutdown.
    • When the Mississippi River flooded, we provided truck capacity to empty nearby warehouses.
    • When rail problems prevented transport of flour to a major food manufacturer, we provided food-grade pneumatics to keep production lines humming.
    • When a Fortune 500 company had a major product recall, we provided trucks to pick up products at retailers across the country.
    • When the Potomac River froze, we moved millions of gallons of oil to keep regional power plants running.
  • On-demand capacity across North America. Liquid bulk, dry bulk, flatbed, truckload, LTL.
  • Contingency planning. We can work with you BEFORE disaster strikes, so you’re prepared to meet urgent freight demands to ensure business continuity.
  • Excellent project management. Delivery deadlines, equipment needs, special requirements… We manage all the details, so you don’t have to.
  • Immediate response. One call and we begin marshaling the appropriate carriers in our network.

“We have worked with Bulk Connection for 30 years. They are probably the best broker we deal with.”

Owner, Kuhnle Brothers, Inc


  • Protect company revenue during natural or man-made emergencies.
  • Be a hero in your organization by responding when the need is greatest.
  • Source capacity when your competitors can’t.

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