The risks are different with hazmat freight. Have an accident with a trailer full of groceries and you lose two pallets of cereal. But a hazmat carrier collision could trigger a highway shutdown and bring out people with badges and first responders in full-body hazmat suits. At Bulk Connection, 70% of our business is transporting hazardous materials, so safety and compliance are our constant focus.



  • Meticulous vetting process. It takes time to pre-qualify hazmat carriers. Time you don’t have. Bulk Connection has a rigorous internal rating system that ensures only the best-qualified carriers are dispatched.
  • Safety focus. No hazmat carrier is assigned if DOT safety ratings fall below our demanding threshold, or if drivers don’t have the necessary tanker truck and hazmat freight endorsements on their licenses.
  • Sufficient insurance to address risk. We require a minimum of $5 million in liability insurance from our hazmat carriers. Our database triggers alerts when insurance expiration dates are approaching.
  • Complete coverage across North America. Long history of serving hazmat shippers.

  • Wide range of tanker equipment types and sizes.

We import hazardous material. Bulk Connection offers on-time pick-up and delivery. We consider them an extension of our team.

Shipping Manager, global chemical company


  • Access capacity fast. We maintain the largest North American network of hazmat carriers.
  • Reduce risk. We source only qualified carriers with a proven track record.
  • Free up time. We maintain all carrier certification records so you don’t have to.
  • Stay compliant. We understand and adhere to all DOT requirements for hazardous material shipping.

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