Bulk Connection’s liquid bulk focus includes a strong network of food-grade tanker trucking companies. These specialty carriers focus on food-related products and ingredients. We offer the know-how and equipment to ensure safe, compliant delivery to your factory or packaging partners.


  • Access to capacity. Over the last 30 years, we’ve created the most qualified network of food-grade tanker trucking companies.
  • Compliance focused. We ensure trucks, equipment and processes adhere to all federal and state requirements, including FDA, HACCP, and FSMA.
  • Quality focused. We are one of the first freight brokers in the industry to become ISO certified.
  • Product integrity focused. Before loading, we work with carriers to check that the tank has been washed at a food-grade washing station to ensure sterilization of tanks, pumps and hoses.
  • Wide variety of specialized equipment. Including an in-transit heating system, if needed.

To determine if Bulk Connection, or any freight partner, is right for your business, you need to talk to them and ask the right questions. Based on the depth of their responses, you’ll quickly separate out the real specialists from the less experienced brokers and carriers.

“We give all our bulk loads to Bulk Connection. They handle them from start to finish.”

Logistics Director, regional power company


  • Lower your risk.
  • Maintain product integrity.
  • Remain compliant.
  • Save time finding qualified carriers.

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