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James Cordock
Title President
Valerie Cordock
Title Human Resources
Andrew Scibelli
Title V.P. Operations
Ext. 117
Don Marchand Jr.
Title Credit / Collections
Ext. 127
James Cordock Jr.
Title AP Administrator
Ext. 136
Aaron Cutler
Title Billing / Accounts Receivable
Ext. 150
Doug Grills
Title Operations Manager
Ext. 130
Betty King
Title Bulk Cust Service Rep
Ext. 142
Kevin Rebein
Title Bulk Cust Service Rep.
Ext. 124
Dan Cordock
Title Bulk Cust Service Rep.
Ext. 123
Frank Donahue
Title Bulk Cust Service Rep.
Ext. 120
Adam Bysko
Title Carrier Compliance
Ext. 133
Kate Henry
Title Bulk Cust Service Rep.
Ext. 151
Ben Blanchard
Title Bulk Cust Service Rep.
Ext. 125
Connor Smith
Title Bulk Cust Service Rep.
Ext. 161
John Paul Roesler
Title Bulk Cust Service Rep.
Ext. 119
Jerry Boudah
Title Bulk Cust Service Rep.
Ext. 139
Scott Wilson
Title Dry Bulk Manager
Ext. 115
Ed Damm
Title MIS Director
Ext. 128
Michele Poole
Title Carrier Compliance
Ext. 146
Kristin Roach
Title Carrier Compliance
Ext. 113
Nancy Pearson
Title Administrative Assistant
Ext. 140
Rick Crolius
Title Administrative Assistant / Quality Control
Ext. 110
Jillian Lacey
Title Administrative Assistant
Ext. 114
Alabama Office
Kelly Hyde
Title 888-724-5608
Kentucky Office
Reenie Stewart
Title 859-384-1747
Christy Gross
Title 859-750-2838
North Carolina Office
Charles Kilzer
Title 336-300-7370
Name Title Ext.
James Cordock President  
Valerie Cordock Human Resources  
Andrew Scibelli V.P. Operations 117
Don Marchand Jr. Credit / Collections 127
James Cordock Jr. AP Administrator 136
Aaron Cutler Billing / Accounts Receivable 150
Doug Grills Operations Manager 130
Betty King Bulk Cust Service Rep 142
Kevin Rebein Bulk Cust Service Rep. 124
Dan Cordock Bulk Cust Service Rep. 123
Frank Donahue Bulk Cust Service Rep. 120
Adam Bysko Carrier Compliance 133
Kate Henry Bulk Cust Service Rep. 151
John Paul Roesler Bulk Cust Service Rep. 119
Jerry Boudah Bulk Cust Service Rep. 139
Ben Blanchard Bulk Cust Service Rep. 125
Connor Smith Bulk Cust Service Rep. 161
Scott Wilson Dry Bulk Manager 115
Ed Damm MIS Director 128
Michele Poole Carrier Compliance 146
Kristin Roach Carrier Compliance 113
Rick Crolius Administrative Assistant / Quality Control 110
Nancy Pearson Administrative Assistant 140
Jillian Lacey Administrative Assistant 114
Alabama Office
Kelly Hyde 256-760-0930  /  cell: 256-762-0110  
Kentucky Office
Reenie Stewart 859-384-1747  
Christy Gross 859-750-2838  
North Carolina Office
Charles Kilzer