Emergency Assistance

At Bulk Connection we recognize that traffic interruptions can have a tremendous effect on your business, and on your customer’s as well. That’s why we are considered the industry’s best source for service during emergencies, and for contingency planning. Our logistics professionals have answered the call to assist shippers during rail and barge interruptions, labor disputes, critical campaigns, weather-related predicaments, and many other problem situations.


Bulk Connection has the unique ability to bring together all the capabilities needed to promptly handle an emergency situation – assemble the proper equipment, know the urgency of each movement of your goods, and what’s needed to ensure quality delivery. We will provide your company with the best solution – on time and on budget.
Even better – call today to set up a contingency plan so your transportation needs will be the last thing you worry about in the next emergency. Once a contingency plan is in place, it only takes one call to trigger it. Now’s the time!

See some examples of how we have helped in emergency situations.

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