Carriers: Work with Bulk Freight Brokers to Secure Backhaul Trucking

Posted on January 23, 2020 by JP Roesler

As important as backhaul trucking is to carriers, it can still sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Or, backhauls may simply be hard to come by within your lanes. No matter what the reason is, bulk freight brokers are here to help.

How freight brokers can help you find backhaul trucking loads

A major strength of a freight broker lies in the expansiveness of its carrier network, which includes carriers just like you, servicing lanes across the country. Its shipper network – or customer roster – can be just as expansive. And both can work in your favor.

backhaul truckingThe broker serves its shipping customers by matching loads with carriers nationwide. As such, it knows where its shippers are looking to move goods from and to – and when. With one call to a freight broker, you can see if current shipper loads align with where your trucks will be. If so, that same freight broker can handle all the details of the load, taking much of the booking burden off your shoulders.

Furthermore, freight brokers often have insight into the full supply chain of shippers. For instance, a shipper may create a basic chemical powder, which then needs to be shipped to a manufacturer to make a final product – which then itself needs to ship to a final destination(s). So, for this one shipper, the freight broker has insight into three different dry bulk shipments: product coming into the shipper, product moving from shipper to manufacturer, and final product moving out from manufacturer. One call to a freight broker can align your needs with these three opportunities.  

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And, while a broker’s carrier network may seem like it’s full of competitors, these can actually be opportunities for you. As freight brokers work with carriers serving lanes all across the country, they know who’s heading where and when – and with what. There are times where a carrier that drops off a load in a given city may not be able to perform backhaul trucking coming back out of that city. If you have a truck in that city at the same time, the load could be yours for the taking.

Lastly, these booking opportunities can often be planned with substantial advance notice – allowing you to plan around the freight broker loads and backhauls that you schedule.

Other carrier advantages to working with freight brokers

In addition to backhaul trucking, there are many other advantages for carriers to work with freight brokers.

Brokers can introduce you to new lanes. If you’re looking to diversify and expand into new lanes, freight brokers can be an invaluable resource. Why? Because, no matter which lane you’re looking to enter, your freight broker is likely already servicing it. As such, the broker can simply match your capabilities with shippers that already move loads in that territory.

Many brokers have stellar reputations among carriers. Some of the most valuable references that freight brokers receive come from word-of-mouth between carriers – one driver talking to another. After all, your colleagues likely have similar operations and requirements. So, if you’re looking to work with a specific broker, ask your fellow drivers and carriers what their experiences have been with the broker (e.g., does the broker pay on time?) and let that guide your decisions.

Brokers speak the same language as both shippers and carriers. As a carrier, it may seem difficult to get on the same page or speak the same language as some of your shipping customers. As freight brokers routinely deal with both parties, they can be an effective middleman to ensure clear communication and eliminate uncertainty. This extends from load and equipment details (whether dry or liquid bulk, or dry van) to payment arrangements. For instance, if you’re tired of explaining why a load at a remote location costs more than a metro-area location, we can take care of that – and many other shipment details – for you.

Lean on Bulk Connection for your carrier needs

With one of the largest bulk carrier networks in North America, and a roster full of regular shippers, Bulk Connection can help you expand your operations. No matter where you’re looking for loads, we likely have them. And, with over 30 years of freight brokerage experience – for liquid bulk, dry bulk, and dry van shipping – we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to carriers across the nation. Want to learn more about working with Bulk Connection? Just ask your colleagues about their experiences or contact us anytime.

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