Q2 2024 Bulk Freight Roundup

Posted on July 03, 2024 by Bulk Connection

As we close out the second quarter of 2024, the bulk freight transportation industry has seen a steady continuation of trends established in the first quarter. Both liquid and dry bulk trucking volumes have remained consistent, providing a stable landscape for our partners in the chemical and food-grade industries.

Capacity has stayed healthy, with coverage available in most lanes in North America.

q2-2024-bulk-freight-roundupHowever, Q2 has not been without its challenges. Extreme weather events, particularly in the Gulf Coast region, have led to significant rail service disruptions. Flooding and other weather-related disruptions have created gaps in the rail network, posing a threat to the seamless transport of bulk goods.

Fortunately, shippers are able to turn to Bulk Connection and our significant network of bulk freight carriers to fill in the gaps left by rail interruptions. Our emergency freight services can deploy bulk freight tanks and trailers swiftly to mitigate the impact of rail disruptions and ensure that our clients' supply chains remain uninterrupted.

As we move into the latter half of 2024, Bulk Connection remains committed to delivering exceptional service and reliable solutions, reinforcing our position as a trusted partner in the bulk freight transportation industry. If you need a transportation provider for your liquid or dry bulk freight operations, contact Bulk Connection today.


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