Bulk Connection’s Top 3 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2023

Posted on December 28, 2023 by Bulk Connection

As we wrap up another dynamic year in the world of bulk freight logistics, it's time to reflect on the articles that captivated our readers the most. Here are the three most-read articles from our Bulk Logistics Blog in 2023.


1. Dry Bulk Shipping 101

A Comprehensive Guide to Dry Bulk Shipping

Top-blog-posts-2023Topping the list is our in-depth exploration of dry bulk shipping. This guide serves as a resource for industry professionals, offering a detailed overview of the ins and outs of dry bulk transportation. From cargo types to specialized equipment, this article helps anyone looking to enhance their understanding of the dry bulk shipping process.


2. What Does a Bulk Freight 3PL Do?

Demystifying the Role of a Bulk Freight 3PL

In the second spot is our exploration of the vital role played by Bulk Freight Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers. Whether you're a shipper or carrier, this piece sheds light on how partnering with a 3PL can optimize operations and streamline the complexities of bulk freight logistics.


3. What Is a Tanker Endorsement? Understanding Bulk Driver Requirements

Demystifying Tanker Endorsements for Bulk Drivers

In the third spot is our exploration of the tanker endorsement and its importance in meeting bulk driver requirements. This article provides a clear understanding of the qualifications and regulations associated with tanker endorsements, catering to both seasoned bulk drivers and those looking to enter the field.

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