The Most Popular Bulk Connection Posts of 2019

Posted on December 19, 2019 by Bulk Connection

The transportation industry is always eventful, and 2019 was no exception. As the driver shortage continues and freight capacity fluctuates, we try to keep our readers abreast of the industry issues affecting bulk transportation. In this post, we look back at our top 3 blog articles of 2019, as determined by reader popularity.

Bulk Liquid Transport: What to Know When Shipping Temperature-Sensitive Products

Happy HolidaysThe maintenance of heat is vital when transporting bulk liquids like petroleum wax. When shipping such products in a bulk liquid tank, heat is typically maintained by in-transit heating systems. These systems use power from the truck to heat and circulate liquid from the radiator through the lines. However, ensuring that your product stays at the right temperature involves much more than simply activating the in-transit system – there are several key considerations which we explore in this article.

5 Advantages of Using a Freight Broker for LTL Transport

Through our blog posts, you likely already know how freight brokers can be an invaluable resource for shipping liquid and dry bulk products. However, freight brokers can also be your go-to provider for dry van shipments, including LTL. From helping you obtain the best rates to using our expertise to help you avoid costly missteps, freight brokers have got your LTL operations covered.

Look to ISO 9001 Certification to Distinguish Top Freight Brokers

When Bulk Connection first obtained ISO 9001 certification many years ago, we became one of the first ISO-certified freight brokers in the U.S. And, even after all these years, certification remains relatively rare among brokers in the industry. In this article, we examine ISO 9001 further – including why it’s a big deal to us and why it should be a big deal to you.

Happy Holidays from Bulk Connection

As we look forward to 2020, we’d like to thank our readers for regularly checking out our content. We look forward to providing much more to inform you in the new year. Until then, all of us here at Bulk Connection wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.


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