Video: See The Tank Wash Finder in Action

Posted on August 22, 2019 by Bulk Connection

We’ve been writing a lot about Bulk Connection's new Tank Wash Finder in our recent blog posts.  Like a proud parent, we're excited to spread news of its arrival far and wide while singing its praises along the way.  In this article, however, we're going to stop telling you about what makes this tool so great.  Instead, we're going to use our new video to show you the tool in action so that you can see just how easily it can benefit your operation.

The Tank Wash Finder

Residing at, the Finder is an online tool that allows transportation professionals to find a tank wash within the U.S. and Canada.  To use the tool, visitors simply select their desired state or province and then view wash facilities in the region. 

The key difference between the Finder and other wash directories is that this tool not only provides basic name/address/phone number information, it provides key details that are vital within the bulk shipping industry.   These include details about services provided and on-site driver amenities. 

HubSpot Video

Get to know Bulk Connection

The Tank Wash Finder is just the latest way that Bulk Connection keeps the bulk transport industry moving.  For over 30 years, we've connected liquid and dry bulk shippers to one of the largest carrier networks in North America.  To learn more about our bulk freight brokerage capabilities, contact us today


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